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Alton Senior High School
Class Of 1974
45th Mixer / Reunion Event Update

Hello fellow classmates, 

AHS Class of '74!


The 45th Mixer / Reunion planning committee meeting says....   

October 5th, 2019

AHS Homecoming Weekend

for our 45th class mixer

Where:  Bakers and Hale Restraurant

 6 PM until closing

(per the restrauant this could be as late as 2 am depending on the event)


Bakers and Hale Restraurant has been called and they are expecting our class coming out for our mixer! 

They are very happy for us to come to their establishment to celebrate our 45th year get together.

  Bakers and Hale have a very nice bar inside, as well as a dining room and a covered patio outside that will hold up to a hundred people. Also, if enough people are planning to come Mr. Baker said we could reserve the entire patio.

Currently, there is no band assigned for this evening.  Bart Baker, the owner assured us there will be a band that evening and stated he is not sure who it will be yet.  

Perhaps, if someone in the class would like to perform for this event, there is an opportunity to do this for the class. Please let me know as soon as possible if someone would like to do this as I would need to let the Restrauant know of our intentions to bring in a performer.



A message from Emma Christensen, class website volunteer:

Due to limited committee participation, I regret to inform our class that a 45th formal reunion event has been changed to a class mixer.  We simply do not have enough people at this time, to do the work that needs to be done for this event. 


Historically, the 35th reunion also did not happen for this reason.  Unless additional people can step up to serve on the committee and lead the committee; at this time we do not foresee this year's 45th reunion event being more than a mixer type event.  There are not enough people currently, who have consistently showed up to make this event a reality. 


For the 40th year reunion there were ten people on the committee and that number of volunteers seemed to work well.  We had several committee members who had previously coordinated class reunions over the years, this is not the case this year.  Based on this experience and information we simply do not have enough people to make this event happen and come off well. 

When I stepped forward to help on the 40th reunion committee I volunteered to do the website and then after the event to watch over the website in the coming years.  That said, I cannot lead this committee.  My personal situation will not permit me to do more than overseeing the website.  As much as it is my hearts desire to see a good 45th mixer / reunion become reality; unfortunately, I cannot do more than I am already doing.  My service here was an attempt to pull a committee together to help it get started. 


The class event seed money available; if not used, for this 45th reunion event will be applied to the cost of maintaining the class website for as long as it lasts.  This will be done to preserve a tool to maintain an online contact list for any future class reunion efforts.  


If you are interested in serving on this committee and or leading this committee.  Now is the time to speak up.  I believe there is still time to create an event (reunion lite) with enough support and action.


Otherwise, the evening will be everyone on their own for dinner, drinks and entertainment. 

If you have suggestions, ideas or any input for the evening, please call me at 618-531-6820 or email me here at  



A few ongoing thoughts from committee members:  


  • If anybody in our class has a business connection, band, some local organization, we might want to reach out, to invite them to join our committee…. Just thinking ahead! (Jaris)


  • We can sit in one group at the Homecoming football game Friday October 4th and maybe go to a local watering hole after the game, and meet at some restaurant the next night. No tickets, no advance sales, just times dates and locations. (Andy)


  • We can also start looking for 50th anniversary reunion committee members now and aim for that. (Andy)


On behalf of the class, thanks to those who have come out thus far to serve on the committee for their gift of time, ideas, energy and efforts.  Thank You, Again!



Stay tuned the home page for any additional event changes

that may be updated as we get closer to the mixer event.

Committee update: 

Below are those who came out to be on the committee please feel free to contact anyone here or this website if you have any questions

Andrew Clark 

Emma Groppel (Christensen)

Doris Foreman (Reinoso)

Laura Brinkoetter 

Jaris Waide

Only you can help make it happen!



At any time if you have questions or concerns please  email us at:







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From Wayne Scroggins  -  Had a great time at the reunion. It was fun seeing some of my friends from the past that I hadn't seen since high school.


Andrew Williams  9/20
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