Jaris Says!!!

Jaris says:  :Published Sept 21, 2014 - Jan 25, 2015

Final Summer-Splash!

Welcome Awesome Autumn
Autumn marks the transition,
from Summer to  Winter,  on September `21!
"Autumn is one of the temperate Seasons."
Plus!  What's the Autumn Equinox?
This year, according to the official calendar, the
Autumn Equinox is on September 22!
     "Equinox represents
equal daylight & void of sunlight."
Autumn VS Fall:
The Season known as Autumn,
is interchangeable with the 
Season known as Fall,
only in the Northern Hemisphere."
Notably, only the Northern hemisphere
officially, celebrates the Season of "Fall."
The rest of the world celebrates "Autumn!"  Huh!
How long is Autumn or our Fall, anyway?
"The Autumnal Equinox
to the Winter solstice,
is from September `21 to December `22,

which happens to be the shortest day of the year."


Let's all enjoy our Awesome Autumn!
So, long Summer
Welcome Awesome Autumn!
            Seize the Day!

       Holly Fairfield


Jaris Waide is a freelance writer and is currently writing a column called "Splash" for the Riverbender.com news website in the Alton Area.  We have chosen to republish her weekly columns here as a way of highlighting her work as part of her life achievements and to use it as a way of welcoming our classmates to the website. 
If you have some special work or achievements you would like to share with classmates then click on contact us and we will find some way to include what you do on this website.  It is all about getting to know each other again.  We may remember how we were back then; but, we are here now and it is good to get to know each other again before we meet in October!





Jaris says:  :Published Sept 1, 2014 - Sept 21, 2014

Welcome to the World of Summer Splash! 
Pushing my cart, I turned down the wrong aisle at the local market &
ran right into a huge display of "ice cream cones!"
If, I'd been in a big hurry, I would have sped up or turned around! 
But, this display caught my eye!  (Great marketing!!)
I thought, amazed, that I had no idea how many different sizes of cones, from bite size to the large waffle cones!
Oh, they were on sale! 
Unable to resist this bargain, with a sparkle in my eyes, thinking of tonight's dessert, I, carefully, picked through, found 2 large packages of the bite sizes, a box of medium cones & meant to walk straight to the "ice cream!"
Long story short, I was distracted, turned around, talked to a friend, that I hadn't seen in years.  Then, went to check out!
Unloading the cart, driving home,
carrying all the "bags" into the kitchen, it hit me! 
OOPS!  No ice cream!"
Glancing at the wall clock, there wasn't time to go back, just for "ice cream!"
Drats!  What else could, I serve in "sugar cones?"
Visibly disappointed, I tucked away, all the "cones" for another opportunity!
Continuing the story, we all went to bed rather early, it's a "school night!"
"Jolt!"   I woke up with an idea & raced to the kitchen, pulling out those "ice cream cones!  And, went to work scrambling eggs, with diced ham, a favorite around here!
Poring the tomato juice for all of us & finishing-up the scrambled eggs & ham,
I selected the bite size cone, carefully using a fork to fill the mini- cone. . . lifted it up & took a bite, taking half! 
That sparkle, was back in my eyes!
And, I saw that same sparkle, in the whole family,
as they ate 2 filled cones, each!!
Washing them down, with a glass of milk!
Then, off to school!
             "That worked, well!
           Then, it hit me!"
Why not serve more, lots more in these ice cream cones, like:
- Oatmeal
- Baked beans & sliced Franks
- Mashed sweet potatoes
Peas & carrots
- macaroni
- peanut butter & jelly
 - Yogurt
Any diced ripe fruit, cooked vegetable,
because, the cone should provide the best "crunch!"
Add different toppings!
Have fun playing with the "perfect consistency!"
"It's a fun way, to promote a heartier appetite &  healthier menu!"
Note:   avoid making the cone soggy, drain any extra "moisture!"
Be choosy, serving good nutrition!
Why not make your own Splash, this week!
And, enjoy these remaining days of Summer,
by surprising the family
with delicious, nutritious, "Cone-Its!"
Medical Recommendation: 
Check all the ingredients, 
the food value,
taking the extra calories into consideration, for each serving!





            Seize the Day!




Jaris saysPublished Aug 1, 2014 - Sept 1, 2014


Welcome to the World of Summer Splash! 
    "         Beets & Pineapple!"
Just hearing this food combination, most probably, forced you to make a face, an incredulous look, expression of disgust!
But, don't knock it, 'til you try it!
EZ Recipe: 
Fresh beets, can cook on your stove-top, in just `15 minutes; 
Or, open a can of beets, your style.
Slice-up a fresh pineapple; 
Or, just open a can of pineapple, canned in it's own juice.
Have handy 3 pitchers or containers; 
1 for the beets, along with all it's juice,
1 for the pineapple, with it's juice &
1 for the combo!
This is when, the fun begins!
Taste the pineapple, then, taste the beets!
Personally, I prefer `4 parts of beets, to 1 part pineapple!
The earthy flavor of the beets, is naturally sweetened by the pineapple
It's a delicious combination!
But, play with it, pleased  do, to find your taste buds!
Got a blender?  Blend your "preferred combo" with crushed ice!
Serve in chilled, tall glasses, with a straw!
Refrigerate the leftovers!
Medical Caution:  As always, beware of any type of food allergies;  Could flush your system, similar to a laxative, if over done!
      Enjoy this natural flavor combo, of
 Beets & Pineapple!


     Seize the Day!


       Holly Fairfield


Jaris says: :Published July 20, 2014 - Aug 1, 2014
Welcome to the World of Summer Splash! 
Color blocking Fashion is getting more popular, more mainstream. 
But, this concept has been around, for a long time!
And, in this heat & humidity, what to wear, looking fresh & fit, is the goal!
Let's dive into a simple Fashion Blocking 
Splash-Tip, involving 3 or 4 colors, usually, for best results!
Now, opposed to true layering, with Color Blocking,
each color covers a different part, of the body, for the best visual effect!!
It's a simple "dimensional" coloring concept!
For example:  Visualize,
for almost any body shape, 
a well-fitting red vest, light blue & white horizontal, thinly striped short sleeve T-shirt, blue jeans, brown loafers & thin brown leather belt!
The red vest will pop out at you, as 2 vertical frontal splashes of color, followed by the horizontal stripes, softening to the thin brown belt, blue jeans, as 2 vertical lower splashes of color, into brown loafer's!
Play with this picture: 
Substitute the red vest, with a dark blue vest or, switch this picture to red jeans!
It's totally different!  And, may be overwhelming, visually, for certain body types!
Bright Colors that pop:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Hot PinkWhite, Neon's
Tan, Yellow, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Green, Lavender
Followed by receding colors:
Brown & Black, along with darker shades of other colors
(Just offering a short list!)
Now, considering "metallic colors, sequins, shiny fabrics, better play with it!
 "Less, can be more pleasing!"
More color combo's, to consider: 
Take a bright blue suit, with a white shirt, & a red tie!
Take a good look, take a visual picture!
It all pops!
There is nothing wrong with it! 
 But, if you were to match the same bright blue suit, with a off-white shirt, with a blue, white & yellow speckled tie, take another look!
Take a dark brown suit, tan shirt, with a striped tie!
Or, not?
Speedo "1 piece" swimming suits used color blocking. 
Speedo has some fabulous combos, using color blocking fashion, 
accentuating the shoulder line, giving most body types, a good look!!
Mix & match your color combinations, experiment with it & have some fun!
You know that, certain colors look better on your body, build on that!!
Be fit & look fit, this Summer, using Fashion Blocking, Splash-Tips!



     Seize the Day!


       Holly Fairfield

Jaris says:Published June 30, 2014 - July 20, 2014

Summer Splash! 
"Swimming is an Excellent Low-Impact form of Exercise,
Offering a Way to Get & Stay in
Super-Shape this Summer!"


Welcome to the World of - Splash! 



"Swim yourself to excelent health, this Summer!"
Swimming Health Benefits:
   - Excellent Low-Impact form of exercise
   - Joint-friendly
   - Works the Heart & Lungs
   - Boosts Circulation
   - Important Therapy for Injury recovery
   - Part of therapy Rehab Programs
   - Offers Resistance training
    And, more!
Medical Caution: 
Swimming may not be recommended for everyone or for every injury. 
As always, consult with your medical team!
 Swimming is fun, for the whole family!
Just remember! 
Re-apply your Sun Protectionafter getting wet!
Let's Splash our way to Super-Shape, this Summer!


            Seize the Day!





Jaris says:Published June 14, 2014 - June 29, 2014

Splash!  Get Fit, For You!
"Catch-up on the Health Benefits 
of Regular Joint-Friendly Exercising!"

   Welcome to the World of Springtime - Splash! 

This 12th Week's Goal is to relay, that there are some real, sustaining, health benefits, by developing a regular, personalized, joint-friendly fitness routine!
With regular Joint-Friendly exercising, you can:
- Improve Posture!
- Boost your energy level
- Build Muscles
- Increase Flexibility
- Reverse joint stiffness
- Promote joint Circulation!
- Reduce fatigue!

Springtime - Splash!  Suggestion:

Develop a regular joint-friendly fitness program, for yourself.  
And, if you are not certain what to do, seek professional advice!
Just remember! 
This week's Goal  is to share a health-tip,
to improve your overall health!




            Seize the Day!


Jaris says:Published May 4-June 14, 2014



Splash! Spring - Splash! Get Fit, For You!



This 6th Week's Goal Highlights the Importance of Feeding Your Brain!

Plus! 10 Foods to Boost Your Thinking Powers!"



Welcome to the World of Spring - Splash! 
"Let's Boost Our Brain Chemistry, by Feeding Our Brain!"
"This 6th Spring - Splash week's Goal 
about the importance
gorging ourselves on these 
10 Foods,
which will make a difference
with our Thinking powers!
Stock-up on:
1.  Choose Whole Grains
2.  Opt for Oily Fish
3.  Binge on Blueberries & other Berries!
4.  More Tomatoes, Hot & Cold
5.  Remember to take Vitamins & Supplements!
6.  Add a Blackcurrant Boost to your Diet
7.  Snack on Pumpkin Seeds
8.  Broccoli & More Broccoli!
9.  Generously sprinkle Sage!
10.  Go Nuts with Almonds,
Walnuts & 2 Brazil Nuts Everyday!
Just make note, if you don't sense the boost in improved thinking, quick responses, clarity in Brain Power, mood lift, among other Physiological benefits!
"It's a better way to live!"
Medical Caution:  Beware of any type of food intolerance or food allergy!
Just remember, this 6th week's
Springtime - Splash  Goal !
" We can really feed Our Brain!"
Let's Stock-up on these 
10 Foods,
start, today, 
feeding Our Brain Powers,
 nourishing our Brain Chemistry!
     "Let's gorge on these Brain Foods!"


            Seize the Day!


Jaris says::Published April 12-May 4, 2014

Splash      Get Fit, For You!    


Welcome to the World of Springtime - Splash!
Let's all embrace better health this Spring!
We've got `12 weeks left of Spring, to get Splash-Fit!
Let's dive inn!
    2nd week's Splash! - Spring's goal is to
Discover the Importance of Hydration!
    - It's  Critical for Heart Health  
  -   to Clear the Lungs
    - Promote Digestion 
    -  Revitalizes Brain tissue
    -   Nourishes Skin 
    - Cleanses other Vital Organs
    -  to Eliminate waste
    -  to Stay Mentally Alert
    -  to Stay Physically Fit
    -   to Avoid Common Illness
    -  to Suppress Chronic Diseases
    - Allow your body to Maintain `70 % water! 
         Just hitting the highlights!
We've all heard the
"general rule of drinking 8 Cups of liquids, to stay healthy!
It's common knowledge, pretty much!
Nothing new!
But wait!
This is, increasingly, a debatable point!
Why 8 Cups, this couldn't work for everyone, we come in all different sizes!?
And, it doesn't work for everyone!
Whether, you are drinking `3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & more Cups, of water, every day,
how do you know for sure that you're properly HYDRATED?
 Here's the best known GUIDELINE for knowing, when you're properly HYDRATED - 
Take a look, after urinating, please!
If the urine is:  Clear or slightly yellowish  
 - You are HYDRATED, most probably!
Next time you Urinate!            Take a look, please!
 If the URINE is:  Dark yellow, cloudy, brownish, discolored -
- you are DEHYDRATED, most probably!
Act!  Get out of the sun, get comfortable indoors, Begin HYDRATING by drinking `1/2 to `1 Cups, water, suggested every `15 Minutes, even increments, continue throughout the day, until your urine clears!
Check for symptoms of DEHYDRATION  which are listed below!
 Read on!
Emergency Rooms all over the U. S., are frequently bombarded with DEHYDRATED individuals, of all ages, esp. during the Spring & Summer months!
DEHYDRATION symptoms could include:  
  • Dizziness,
  • extreme fatigue
  • change of body temperature, 
  • severe nausea, 
  • unwarranted discoloring,
  • complexion alarming appearance,
  • horrendous aches & pain, 
  • onset a chronic condition, which may need immediate medical attention!
If, the need is critical, best advice is to act!
seek immediate medical assistance, call 9 - 1 - 1!
And, call a friend to accompany you, at all times!
As always, consult with your medical team, regarding the treatment, actions to be taking for HYDRATION & DEHYDRATION!
Plus, really important point:  It's just as possible, to "over HYDRATE" yourself, as to "over water" a house plant!
If, you've ever "over watered" a house plant then, you know what to expect, what can happen?  Your house plant can get "root rot" which can destroy it!    Stating it simply, we can over do it, "over water" our body's, too!
We could be, unknowingly, washing out vitamins, essential oils & minerals, throwing off the body's natural balance, jeopardizing our health!
We should really find what works best, for ourselves, our children, pets, vegetation & be vigilant about staying properly HYDRATED, for overall good health!
Splash - Tip:  Keep in mind certain, liquids like your morning hot coffee, soft drinks,  some juice drinks your evening cocktail will DEHYDRATE you!
May need to avoid certain "salty snacks!"
Interestingly, certain foods, i. e., watermelon is a natural diuretic!  You should HYDRATE while eating watermelon, most probably!
         Most medications, vitamins & herbal supplements require a specific amount of water, to work, absorb properly, into the system;  Please read all labels!
Reminder:  All "sport's & Juice drinks" are NOT created equal; 
Read the label, carefully!
           There's an old saying "If you are thirsty, you are already DEHYDRATED!"
So, to be sure, drink-up, before your mouth is "spittin' cotton!"!
And, monitor yourself every time, throughout the day, to know, for sure, if you are properly HYDRATED!
Let's do embrace good health this Spring, by staying HYDRATED!


            Seize the Day!



Jaris says:Published April 1-11, 2014

Splash      Get Fit, For You!    


Welcome to the World of Springtime - Splash!
  We've Got `13 Weeks of Spring to Get Splash-Fit!
Let's dive right in, to # 1 Goal: 
Let's catch up on our "Sleep!"
After all, with the recent time change, this Daylight-Savings, 
robbed us all of 1 Hour!
The extra sunlight is helpful. 
But, these first days of Spring have been brutal,
weather-wise, disappointingly cloudy, chilly & uninvited! 
Let's not overly complain!  
Rather, let's take advantage, 
benefit by getting some extra "sack time!"
Sleep is:
    - Healing
    - Renewing
    - Replenishing
    - Precious
    - Necessary
We can be eating right, exercising, doing all the right stuff! 
But, if we aren't getting enough sleep, 
we are jeopardizing our chance for good health!
Let's unwind, relax & enjoy these valuable early days of Spring!
Tuck-in the kids, fluff-up the pillows & snuggle, earlier in the evening!
Just remember: 
# 1 Spring  Splash Goal,
is to get enough Sleep,
for your overall health!
            Seize the Day!




Jaris says:Published March 24-31, 2014

Splash    Health-Tip -Update!

Head's up, Splash avid reader's! 
  "Fighting Undesirable LDL?  
Discover Artichokes & Artichoke Extract!"
 I just got my blood test results on my HDLLDL. 
And, my HDL remained steady,
while my LDL went down from "141 to 128!
I didn't lose weight, either!
Previously, my LDL was rocking back & forth from 150 to 169 to 150.
Then, remember that I discovered the white kidney bean,
the Cannillini Bean!
Plus, now, Artichoke Extract!
I'm really beginning to believe
"We are what we eat"
with a little help from supplements!
Please Note this Medical Advisory:  
Because we all are, so, different, as always,
the recommendation,
is to consult with your medical team!
 In any case, I've been able to avoid the Cholesterol RX, so, far!
            Seize the Day!


       Holly Fairfield
Jaris Waide is a freelance writer and is currently writing a column called "Splash" for the Riverbender.com news website in the Alton Area.  We have chosen to republish her weekly columns here as a way of highlighting her work as part of her life achievements and to use it as a way of welcoming our classmates to the website. 
If you have some special work or achievements you would like to share with classmates then click on contact us and we will find some way to include what you do on this website.  It is all about getting to know each other again.  We may remember how we were back then; but, we are here now and it is good to get to know each other again before we meet in October!




Jaris saysPublished March 17-24 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
            Welcome to the World of Splash!

Enjoy a traditional St. Patrick's Day meal with corned beef, peppercorn, allspice, mustard seed, bay leaves, horseradish, carrots, potatoes and cabbage!


Especially, enjoy your "cabbage!"

"1 Cup" of raw cabbage is `17.5 Calories!

Supportive research indicates that "cabbage" is quite remarkable!


And, green cabbage is closely related to red cabbage, broccoli, kale, collards, Brussels sprouts, bok choy & Chinese cabbage, too!!


"Documented health benefits of cabbage: rich antioxidant, rich anti-inflammatory and rich glucosinolates!!"


NOTE: "Short steaming" and "sautéing" keeps valuable vitamins & nutrients from being lost!


 Let's all celebrate a healthier St. Patrick's Day!


Go Green!


Go get 'em!


Holly Fairfield




Jaris says: Published March 8-16 2014


 Splash!  Get Fit, for You!

            Welcome to the World of Splash!
           "Discover Health Benefits of Beta Vulgaris
Beets, Beet Root Nutrients!"
Beta Vulgaris!
Numerous studies report:
    - Improved blood pressure
    - Improved blood flow
    - Improved circulation
    - improved heart health
    And, much more for improving overall health!
 "Beets" are considered a powerful vegetable anti-oxidant!
Canned "Beets" are a convenience!
Finding fresh "Beets" in the produce aisle, may be worth your time, rewarding in taste & nutrients!
Splash:  Cooking-tip :  Cook for `15 minutes
Over cooking breaks down nutrients, destroying food value!
Find Beet Root supplements at your local
health food store & on-line, also!
Find creative & delicious "Beets" recipes on-line!
"Beets" are highly recommended!  And, include Beta Vulgaris in your meal plan for at least "90 days" to fully realize the health benefits!
     Discover the power of Beta Vulgaris for the whole family!


            Seize the Day!


Jaris saysPublished February 17-March 8, 2014

 Splash!  Get Fit, for You!
            Welcome to the World of Splash!
"Let's Explore the Health Benefits of Lemons, a Citrus Curative!"
Lemons, a Native fruit of Asia,
the Egyptians are credited discovering the health benefits of lemons, Centuries, ago!.
Lemons, this beautiful yellow, juicy, fruit is enjoyed all over the world. 
But, do we realize what this fruit, can do for our health?
  Highlighting, undeniable, lemons health benefits:
 - digestive Aid
    - Anti-Bacterial
    - Liver Cleanser
    -  Anti-Viral
    - Immune System Boosting!
Let's include lemons in our daily meal plans,
to improve our overall health!
Fresh lemons are available year round. 
However, lemons come in, USU., full Season, early Spring!
"Fill a bowl of fresh lemons for the table!"
Why not, keep a bottle of pure lemon juice, avoid artificial flavoring, on hand, in the refrigerator, for an unexpected sore throat; 
Serve hot tea, with a splash of lemon!
Splash on, slice or squeeze fresh lemon sections over your water, beverages, fish, certain vegetables, i. e., lentils, to enjoy this distinctive citrus flavor & benefit by these lemon health benefits!!
Splash-Tip:  Freeze a fresh lemon, in a freezer-Lock bag,.  Then, Grate over baked salmon, to ad a natural lemony zest!
 What to do with unwanted rinds?
Just drop the fresh rinds down the garbage disposal,
to keep the drain smelling fresh!
Medical Precautions: 
If you suffer from heart burn, acid reflex, citrus allergies, among other conditions,, consult your Medical Team, before eating or drinking lemon juice!
Let's regularly enjoy the zesty flavor of lemons
& benefit by a citrus curative, the lemon!
Just remember!  Lemons are Pure & Powerful!


            Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

Jaris says:Published February 9-16, 2014

 Splash!  Get Fit, for You!
            Welcome to the World of Splash!
"Freekah Your Appetite!"
   Why not start serving Freekah, AKA, Cracked Freekeah to the whole family, in your favorite recipes?  Freekah is a Middle Eastern green grain, rich in protein & fiber. 
 It is an unique cracked wheat, cooked much like brown rice, with special spices, enhancing the hearty flavor.
Enjoy Freekah alone, sprinkle over food or get creative with any favorite recipe!
Splash-Suggestion:  How about serving-up a batch of "Freekah Meat Balls" as an appetizer or over a bed of Angel Hair Pasta?  Freekah recipes are on the Internet, in abundance!
Wait a minute!  What the?   Exactly, what is Freekah?
"Freekah is a immature, green, wheat, with a distinctive Smokey flavor, considered, so, primarily due to it's cultivating and harvesting process.    Freekah is said to be hailed from Syria."
Suggested Freekah Grain Serving Size, rich in protein & fiber: 
 `1/4 to 1 Cup, for heartier appetites!
Freekah is available at our local health food stores,
at our Middle Eastern Markets &
find great bargains on the Internet!
             "Freekah You, too!!"!"


            Seize the Day!
Holly Fairfield


Jaris says Published February 2-9, 2014
Splash!  Get Fit, for You!
            Welcome to the World of Splash!
"Peanut Butter: 
Healthy, Energy Booster or Just another Junk Food?"
            "You be the judge!"
Risking sounding like a really old TV commercial, it is really important to be "choosy" selecting your brand of Peanut Butter & what you eat it with, if your goal is a boost of natural energy!
Most "eaters" don't spend time thinking about Peanut Butter's food benefits!
 Commonly, it's just considered a quick "kid's meal" heaped
between 2 slices, of soft bread!
  Warning:  Keep in mind serious "peanut allergies" which can be easily forgotten, overlooked by others,, when serving a large group of children & adults, anywhere!
 What is a "peanut?"
"peanut" is not a "nut, at all!
How about that, huh?
Peanut is a "Legume!"
Okay, what's a "Legume"
Simply stated, a "Legume" is more like a "bean, seed, yielded from a pod."
And, incredibly, a "Peanut" is a powerful, excellent source of protein!  Historical data, interestingly, indicates that, the Inca's were the first civilization "to crushed peanuts to a paste.But, we know wisely, now, we can't survive on, Peanut Butter, alone!
Here in North America & throughout most of the world, we continue this Ancient Tradition, eating Peanut Butter!  There are many brands of Peanut Butter!  The healthiest Peanut Butter brands are made from dry roasted peanuts, primarily, not exclusively. So, be "choosy" reaching for your next jar of peanut butter;  Read the ingredients, to avoid unwanted & unnecessary food additives!
"Whole & natural Peanut Butter doesn't contain anything artificial!."
And, it is easily digested!
Food Value:  Nutritious value:  It's best to read the label!
 To get the Peanut Butter booster!
Serving Size:  "`1 Tablespoon
Serve "`1 Tablespoon, per person, of your Peanut Butter with an abundant variety of crispy fresh fruits & vegetables,!
         "No bread or crackers, to feel the sustaining boost!"
Why not try Peanut Butter as a healthy snack, mid-day at home or work
Before hitting the gym?
Or, to revive yourself first thing in the morning or before a big evening out?
Or, as an energy "booster" when you feel the need?
Plus, for Chocolate Lovers!  You can include a serving of Peanut Butter,
with your dark chocolate, guilt free!
Splash-Tip:  Wash Peanut Butter down with almond milk, coconut water, chilled green tea, keeping it healthier!
Splash is "choosy, choosing Natural Peanut Butter!"
            Seize the Day!
                    Holly Fairfield

Jaris says:Published on Home page Jan 18 - 27

SPLASH!  Get Fit, For You!

Welcome to the World of Splash!
"Avoid Meltdowns"
Remember to replenish yourself,
refuel by eating regularly & choose a balanced meal plan,
snack & hydrate at consistent intervals,
sleep well, take "power-naps,
to avoid mood swings & unwanted outburst of anger,
often embarrassing, to yourself & others!
Watch overall sugar & alcoholic beverage consumption,
as this may purposefully throw your balance & mood!
Observe & recognize your children's behavior 
help them to establish healthy habits, early in life!
Frequency & moderation
is the key for prevention!
              Seize the Day!
                    Holly Fairfield


Jaris says: Published on Home page Jan 11 - Jan 18
----- Splash!  Get Fit, For You!
 Welcome to the World of Splash!
Discover Ginger Tea & it's Health Benefits!
"Drink yourself thin, with Ginger Tea!"
Plus explore Ginger remedies for: 
- Nausea
- Motion Sickness
- Arthritis
- Bursitis
 - Digestive aid
- Detoxification
- Natural Anti--inflammatory
And, many more reports of relief, remedies using
Ginger Tea & Ginger supplements,
for a variety of the above listed & additional ailments!
"How about considering drinking Ginger Tea,
for a belated New Year's Resolution, to improve the state of your overall health?"
NOTE:  Children doses are recommended half, deemed safe!
Recommendation:  As always, consult with your medical team, before any application!
   "Ginger Tea
has been used medicinally over 2,000 years."
            Seize the Day!
                    Holly Fairfield

Published on Home page Jan 6 - Jan 11
Jaris says: 
Splash Returns!
Happy New Year!
         Welcome Back to the World of Splash!
    Embrace good health in '14!
Challenge yourself!  Get Splash-Fit, this year!!
  Follow this weekly Splash series Get Fit, For You!"
It's the ultra new fitness column  "Splash's Get Fit, for You!"
   #1!  Take Your Fitness, as a Top Priority & Unleash your Super Hero!
You choose!
In any choice that you make, remember you're Super Hero will always have super posture!
"Stay strait, elongated spine, chin squared!"
        Breathe fully, easily & get moving!          
Reward yourself, by unleashing your inner Super Hero, this year!
     "Remember #1, super posture, all throughout 2014!"
Thank you & see you next week!
Stay tuned, for Splash's weekly column!
Seize the Day!
                    Holly Fairfield


Published on Home page Jan 1 - Jan 5

is coming quickly! 
"Top 10 SPLASH - New Year's Resolutions:
        10.  Eat Healthier!
 9.  Commit to a meaningful Project!!
 8.  Treasure Hunt!
 7.  Learn Something New!
 6.  Make a new Friend!   
5.  Set a Fun Goal!
 4.  Have a positive Attitude!
  3.  Like Yourself!
2.  Look for Love, if you are available!
 1.  Show up at our
40th Class Reunion, Saturday,
October 11, at Holiday Inn!
         It's 2014; 
We made it!
            Let's Celebrate!
            Happy New Year, to the graduating AHS Class of '74!